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    15 October 2018

    Yesterday was the Sumner SLSC Annual General Meeting. Thanks to everyone that came along, we have a great season ahead of us and its our fantastic members that make it all possible!


    Firstly a huge thanks to Brent Wilson and Blair Quane for their long and invaluable time served on the Committee. Both Blair and Brent made the decision to step down from election onto the Sumner Committee this season.


    Congratulations to Murray Johnson who was voted to be a Life Member of Sumner SLSC! Well deserved and thanks for all your time devoted to the club.


    Committee & Officer Roles

    The Committee and Club Officers were voted in and there are some changes and new additions! Luke Keats has taken over the role of Treasurer, Pip Ives and Tom Denman were voted onto the committee, David Jones is the new Club Secretary/Administrator, Jake Simpson is taking on the role of Patrol Officer and Huntly Quinn has become a Junior Surf Co-ordinator alongside Wayne Simmons.


    Below is the full list of Committee and Officer Roles for the 2018/19 season:

    PATRON - Tony Johnson

    Chairman - Andrew Priest
    President- Glenn Fergus
    Club Captain- Kate Suter
    Treasurer- Luke Keats
    Club Facilities Manager- Murray Johnson
    Secretary/Administrator- David Jones
    Committee Member - Craig Todd
    Committee Member - Tom Denman
    Committee Member -  Pip Ives


    Vice President- Luke Keats
    Patrol Officer- Jake Simpson
    Club Head Instructor- Kate Suter
    Power-craft Officer- Al Malcolm
    Funding Coordinator- Andrea McKendry
    Surf Sports Coordinator- Jonelle Quane & Mark Robberds
    Junior Surf Coordinator- Wayne Simmons & Huntly Quinn

    Solicitor - M Toomey

    Club Doctor/Surgeon- Nadia Schwass  & David Thompson


    Change to the constitution

    To ensure best practice with Health and Safety the motion to alter the “Associate” section of the constitution was passed. The constitution will now read as follows:


    7.2 Associate Members

    a. Use the Clubs facilities and equipment (not water craft) as permitted by the Club;

    b. Participate in land based programmes (or water based programmes) under the direct

    supervision and guidance of a trained and refreshed lifeguard directly overseeing the

    specific programme and activities offered by the club


    Membership Fees 2018/19

    Please see the attached schedule for full details.


    Active Member:

    Patroller and Competitor - $140

    Patrol Only - $60

    Active Other - $90 (Members in this category must have prior approval from the committee)


    Associate Member:

    An Associate Member is a person who has an interest in Surf Lifesaving and in being part of the Club and who has been accepted as an Associate Member by the Club.

    Associate Member - $40 (Please note that an Associate member is not permitted to use water craft)


    Junior Membership:

    Is part of the Junior Surf Programme offered at Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club

    Junior Surf Member - $120

    Second and subsequent child -$90


    Family Membership:

    This category is for families (family = four immediate members) it is irrelevant what sub category your family members are in but you must specify that category alongside each name please

    Family Membership -  $290


    Payment Method

    Internet Banking only: Westpac Ferrymead 03-1590-0025156-000

    When referencing payment please enter:

    Individual [Member’s First Initial and Last Name] [Membership Type and Age Group (Junior only)] [Subs18]

    e.g. “R McCaw JuniorU10 Subs18”  or  “D Carter Active1 Subs18”

    Families [Last Name]  [Family followed by number of members] [Subs18] e.g. Johnson Family4 Subs18


    *Subs Payments due by 2 December 2018. Late payment may affect athlete’s ability to compete.



    We look forward to seeing you all down the beach!


    The Sumner Committee