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  • Changes to Club Constitution Moved (see below for details)

    Sumner SLSC
    20 September 2017

    ****Changes to Club Constitution Moved****


    The following motions were proposed at the last club committee to change a few details in the Club's Constitution. The motions have since been moved and will be put to a vote at the AGM on the 8th October 2017, 2 pm.


    The motions that have been moved are:


    A). Update of a club officer name to reflect actual role.

    · Section 13.1 (j) change ‘Maintenance Officer’ to ‘Facilities Officer’


    B). A rebalance of the composition of the Club Committee by adding two (2) Officers of the Club and removing two (2) elected others.

    · Section 14.2 add ‘President’ and ‘Facilities Officer’ to the list of Club Committee members

    · Section 14.2 (e) change to ‘three (3) other people elected at the AGM’


    C). A clarification on the eligible age to vote at General Meetings.

    · Section 15.14 (b) change the first sentence to ‘every Active Member 14 years of age and over, and every Life Member is entitled to one (1) vote.’