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    8 October 2017

    A very successful AGM today!


    There have been some changes to our members on the Committee and in the Officer Roles.


    A huge thank you goes to all those that are stepping down from their roles at the club for the countless hours they have given to the club and the progress they have helped to facilitate!

    The Club Committee and Officer Roles for the 2017/18 are as follows:


    Chairman - Andrew Priest
    President- Glenn Fergus
    Club Captain- Kate Suter
    Treasurer- Brent Wilson
    Club Facilities Manager- Murray Johnson
    Secretary/Administrator- Nick Keats
    Committee Member - Blair Quane
    Committee Member - Luke Keats
    Committee Member - Craig Todd


    Vice President- Luke Keats
    Patrol Officer- Tom Denman
    Club Head Instructor- Kate Suter
    Power-craft Officer- Al Malcolm
    Funding Coordinator- Andrea McKendry
    Surf Sports Coordinator- Jonelle Quane & Mark Robberds
    Junior Surf Coordinator- Wayne Simmons


    The changes to the Club Constitution were voted in and now take effect. They were:


    A). Update of a club officer name to reflect actual role.
    · Section 13.1 (j) change ‘Maintenance Officer’ to ‘Facilities Officer’


    B). A rebalance of the composition of the Club Committee by adding two (2) Officers of the Club and removing two (2) elected others.
    · Section 14.2 add ‘President’ and ‘Facilities Officer’ to the list of Club Committee members
    · Section 14.2 (e) change to ‘three (3) other people elected at the AGM’


    C). A clarification on the eligible age to vote at General Meetings.
    · Section 15.14 (b) change the first sentence to ‘every Active Member 14 years of age and over, and every Life Member is entitled to one (1) vote.’